From the serene beauty of the Black Forest to the fairytale castles of Bavaria - not to mention its compelling cities like Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf - Germany is a dream to discover. Attracting millions of tourists each year and being the second most popular destination for expats, nobody can deny the magnetic draw of this Central European country.

What’s so special about Germany?
Germany will leave the curious traveler in you wanting for nothing. Picturesque towns and villages neighbor charming cities like Hamburg, Munich and Heidelberg, while stunning natural landscapes await around every corner: did you know a third of this country is blanketed in trees?

things to know
about Germany

  • Population: 83 million+
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Currency: Euro
  • Main airports: Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, and Hamburg
  • Language: German
  • Timezone: GMT+1
  • Fun facts: If you like beer, you’ll love There are over 1,500 varieties to try here! This country is also a leading nation when it comes to environmental policy.


German culture is a fascinating hybrid of the traditional and modern, with leading examples being in the evolution of its cuisine – where twenty-first century twists are added to time-honored dishes – and music, in which every genre from classical to jazz and contemporary pop and rock are still celebrated today.

The German people are generally known for being very hardworking, as well: an attitude reflected in the country’s mounting achievements, which include being Europe’s largest economic powerhouse. With an emphasis on great education and spending time with family and friends – along with offering a fantastic quality of life – this country has made its name as a brilliant place in which to both travel and reside.


Castles are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany. After all, they’re everywhere! An estimated 25,000 castles can be discovered across the land, with famous examples including Neuschwanstein Castle, along with the 40 historic castles sprinkled across the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site.



Filling your itinerary is certainly not a challenge in Germany. With over 6,800 museums and galleries to saunter through and 8,800 libraries, you’ll have endless ways to whet your appetite for knowledge. For those wanting to embrace German culture even more experientially, there are plenty of traditional festivals and events to take part in, too. In fact, over 10,000 festivals are celebrated every year in the German calendar.



You’ll be bowled over by Berlin. With a thriving art, food, and music scene, along with a high density of cultural and historic sights to sink your teeth into, escapes here are nothing short of epic. See the world-famous Berlin Wall, explore Museum Island and enjoy the city’s surprising surplus of nature – with over 44% of Berlin covered in gorgeous greenery – during a trip here you’ll treasure forever.


Hamburg is a major port city located on the River Elbe, famed for its historic Speicherstadt District, gigantic Hamburger Dom festival and abundance of bridges. There are between 2,300 and 2,500 here, meaning it has the most bridges of any city in the world! From its public buses installed with miniature libraries to its lovely lake in the heart of the city, this urban spot is one that’s filled with surprises.


Like the idea of sipping on a crisp beer under the German sunshine? With over 60 beer gardens to its name, Munich may be the place for you… especially as it also plays host to the beloved beer festival, Oktoberfest. Beyond its beer-based ties, Munich is also a popular tourist destination due to its superb museums and galleries, amazing eateries, and rare sights like the world’s oldest cinema, the Neues Kino Gabriel.


Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque influences have all helped to shape the Cologne we know and love today. You’ll be in awe at the attractions here, including Cologne Cathedral – which took over 600 years to build – and the city’s many museums, like the highly popular Cologne Chocolate Museum. Cologne also annually hosts Germany’s magical musical firework display, “Koelner Lichter” (or the “Cologne Lights”).


There’s a good reason why Germany is called “Das Land der Dichter und Poeten” (“The Land of Poets and Thinkers”). Not only was book-printing invented in Germany, but many legendary musicians like Bach and Beethoven – as well as poets and philosophers including Schiller and Nietzsche, and scientists and inventors such as Einstein and Gutenberg – came from this culturally-impressive country.

Regions in Germany

North Germany

North Germany delivers some of Germany’s most aesthetic landscapes. The Baltic Sea coastline offers unrivaled views and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, whereas inland, visitors can find rolling hills, dense forests, and quaint villages on demand. Of the region’s most notable attractions, Hamburg and beautiful Bremen are must-sees.

East Germany

From the astounding scenery of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to the bountiful experiences and activities in fast-paced Berlin, there’s much to see and do in east Germany. Make sure to get the Bauhaus School in Dessau on your list, too. Founded in 1919, this fascinating attraction is considered to be one of the most influential design schools in the world.

West Germany

Containing both old-world Cologne and the exceptional natural fruits of the Rhine Valley – which in addition is home to some of the country’s most famous castles – west Germany is a rich and diverse location for explorers of every ilk. A cruise down the river is a great way to take in the sights, and there are also plenty of hiking and cycling routes in the area.

South Germany

Dive into the Bavarian Alps, explore the Black Forest, and visit the many pleasant villages in Franconia while making your way through south Germany. For a more structured way to see the best fruits of this region, simply embark on its Romantic Road, which between Würzburg and Füssen, winds through lake and forest-rich landscapes and historic towns.

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