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25 years of experience

“Our mission is to deliver unforgettable experiences in incredible European locations — while shining a light on the stories that make these castles, palaces, manors and more so truly unique.”

Ken Healy - Chairman

Putting people first

People are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in providing unforgettable encounters with history and culture. Our hotels are passionate about a traditional hospitality approach—one that puts the visitor first, always. It’s this shared understanding that connects all who embark on a Historic Hotels of Europe stay. 

Creating unforgettable moments in time

We offer our guests an immersive experience like no other. Inspired by the past, our hotels are spaces in which time stops and lifelong memories are created. We match timeless elegance with world-class hospitality, enabling our guests to truly enjoy and treasure special moments.

United in our vision

Our hoteliers are guardians of the past and a key part of Europe’s rich tapestry of history. Passionate about preserving local communities and shaping the European hospitality culture of the future, they proudly serve as ambassadors for the Historic Hotels of Europe vision.

We are a brand that values your history

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Become part of our prestigious network of historic European hotels. Embrace new challenges with acclaimed hoteliers and industry experts.


Discover your true demographic. Our global community of travellers seeks authentic experiences and is ready to connect with your inspiring story.


The expectations of guests are rapidly evolving. Are you ready to become a leading voice in the ever-changing hospitality industry?


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The expectations of guests are rapidly evolving.
Are you ready to become leading voice in the ever-changing hospitality industry? 

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