The adventurous couples bucket-list: 20 fun things to do in Europe

Scuba Diving in Greece – Photo by Paris Papavlasopoulos on Unsplash

Fun things to do in Europe aren’t hard to find: particularly if you’re a fan of adventure. With dozens of glistening waters to traverse, mountains to trek, slopes to slide down, trails to hike and so much more, putting together an action-packed agenda is as easy as one, two, three… or twenty! We’ve put together twenty of the most electrifying experiences across the continent to inspire you for your next thrills-centric trip. Dive in…


1. Kayak across a glowing lake

Lakes don’t usually glow, but when they do, there’s little that’s more magical. Head to Lough Hyne for some night-time kayaking on luminescent waters, made radiant by the Phytoplankton that live just under the surface. You’ll feel as though you’re floating through a dream.
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2. Spot as many whales as you can

West Cork is a wonderful place to go whale-watching. Set sail on the awe-inspiring Atlantic Sea and keep your eyes peeled for various whale species including fin, killer and humpback, all of which are spotted regularly around this part of Ireland. Ready for your Free Willy moment?
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Whale watching in Ireland – Photo by Tim Cole on Unsplash

3. Escape to the eclectic Sherkin Island

There’s never a dull day at Sherkin Island. Famed for its friendly residents and lively atmosphere, tourists flock to this small but energising isle to dance to traditional music, visit the locally-run lighthouse and, during the summer, take part in the Sherkin Family Regatta. It’s quintessential Ireland at its best.
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Where to stay

Fernhill House is the real deal. Between the O’Neill family’s hospitable and friendly staff and the amazing food dished up at the on-site restaurant (of which several of the ingredients are grown in the hotel’s landscaped gardens) there’s a good reason why it keeps scooping up award after award.
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4. Drift across the sky above Sicily

Ever dreamed of flying? Paragliding Sicily makes it possible, and it’s definitely one of the most fun things to do in Europe. Soar in tandem with an expert paraglider and admire Italy from a once-in-a-lifetime vantage point. You’ll never want to travel another way again…
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Paragliding in Sicily – Photo by

5. Branch out at Eco Campus Casaboli

Swing between tall treetops – traversing bridges, cableways and more – several metres above ground-level at this natural adventure park. With a variety of difficulty levels to choose from, it’s easy to pick the perfect route for you, whether you fancy a challenge or are just in it for the views.
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6. Rent a rubber dinghy

There are some dazzling sea-based secrets to discover around Palermo, and by renting out your own rubber dinghy, you can get to know them all. Discover the protected marine area of Capogallo, delve into the caves of Terrasini and uncover incredible beaches while playing captain for a day.
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7. Soak up the culture while cycling

Explore Sicily environmentally from the seat of a bike! Your tour guide will lead you into the area’s most enchanting countryside, helping you to, in their words, enjoy the “scents, colours and wonderful landscapes” that surround this Italian locale. An excellent experience delivered in an eco-friendly style.
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Where to stay

Drink your morning coffee while looking out across a 17th-century courtyard at Villa del Gattopardo Suites & Spa. This bright and beautiful country mansion is steeped in history from head to toe, and even includes a unique astronomic observatory: perfect for night-time stargazing.
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8. Attempt coasteering (with an exclusive discount!)

Did you know that coasteering was invented over 30 years ago in Pembrokeshire? It’s a brilliant way to embrace the rugged cliffs that surround the Atlantic coast through walking, scrambling, swimming and cliff jumping your way around. If you book a two-night stay at our historic hotel, Twr y Felin, you can get 10% off the experience with their partner, TYF Adventure, too.
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9. Go seabird spotting at Skomer Island

Bird lovers, take note. Wales’ Skomer Island is a remarkable place to see a huge number of seabirds up-close, from razorbills to the iconic puffin. 165,000 Manx shearwater ‘couples’ have settled down here, too: making it the largest breeding colony for their species in the world.
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10. Try your hand (/hoof) at horseback riding

Hop into the saddle and see Pembrokeshire from horseback under the guidance of experienced stablehands, allowing you to concentrate on admiring the Welsh countryside while you trot around. With the area’s many lanes, bridleways and treks to choose from, you’ll be in for hours of fun.
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Where to stay

Your day’s adventures don’t have to end by going back to your hotel! Book the windmill suite at Twr y Felin for a totally different kind of sleepaway, and admire unparalleled 360 degree views of the St Davids Peninsula. If the skies are clear, you should be able to see a ton of landmarks from your personal observatory, including Skomer Island and the Preseli Hills.
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11. Visit the Valley of Butterflies

Immerse yourself in a real-life fairytale with a visit to Rhodes’ famous Valley of Butterflies. Walk around to the chorus of chirping cicadas while soaking up the lush forest atmosphere, in which hundreds of butterflies reside. Of all the fun things to do in Europe, this one is fl-utter magic.
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12. Book a brilliant offroading experience

Bounce around a Jeep while observing the best of Rhodes’ scenery in the hands of a knowledgeable guide. They’ll take you off the beaten path so that you can experience the more undiscovered side of the island, and make frequent stops at traditional villages on the way. Book it here.

13. Become one with the waves with scuba diving

Rays. Turtles. Dolphins. Rhodes’ coast has them all – and what better way to get to know them than by scuba diving? Embark on an underwater adventure and discover the many treasures of the Mediterranean Sea. You might even be lucky enough to spot a cavern or two.
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Scuba Diving in Greece – Photo by Paris Papavlasopoulos on Unsplash

14. Stroll the streets of a ‘ghost town’

Set against the Taurus Mountains are the abandoned ruins of a once thriving Turkish town, Kayakoy. Deserted roughly a hundred years ago, this haunting locale still contains 350 empty homes and other structures to explore, as well as a private museum where you can learn more about its war-torn past.
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Where to stay

Allegory Boutique Hotel is the ideal place from which to explore the medieval city of Rhodes. Despite its historic facade, futuristic features take its rooms to the next level, including rain showers and customisable lighting systems.
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15. Journey across captivating fjords

Exploring Norway’s fantastic fjords belongs on everyone’s list of fun things to do in Europe! Experience two of the country’s biggest, the Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord, and revere incredible landscapes filled with mountains, lakes, glaciers and islands as you travel unspoiled waters. Your Instagram page won’t know what hit it.
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Fjord Tour – Photo by Eivind Senneseth

16. See Bergen on a segway

Wheel your way around the picturesque city of Bergen and soak up all of the city’s best sights in a single trip. From trundling down historic streets to zipping through the city’s lush parks, there’s no better way to get to know the area. (Because walking is so old school.)
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17. Ride up the Fløibanen Funicular

Hate hiking but love a panoramic view? Hop onto Bergen’s funicular and zip up to Mount Fløyen in a matter of moments. The vibrant city looks even more stunning from the summit, encased by fjords, hills and a glittering coastline which you can only see all together from up high.
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Where to stay

This pearly-white family-run hotel is a real sight for sore eyes: and not just because of its attractive nineteenth century exterior. With 35 elegant rooms and eclectic antiques displayed tastefully throughout, there isn’t an inch of Hotel Park that isn’t picture-worthy.
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18. Ski on some of the world’s most sensational slopes

The 3 Valleys in Meribel is among the most famous places to go skiing in the world, making it a brilliant pick for your next snow-focused adventure. Fly like lightning down glittering white slopes, then head back to your chalet-style hotel for a cup of cocoa next to a roaring fire. Sign us up.
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3 Valleys – Photo by Melvin Trav on Unsplash

Where to stay

As wonderful as skiing is, it can also be quite strenuous… which is where the spa at Hotel l´Hélios & Spa comes in handy! Soothe your muscles with your pick of massage treatments or relax in a Hammam shower before returning to your room, where you can admire views of the mountains in the utmost comfort. Perfection? We think so.
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19. Abseil against a coastal backdrop

All hail the abseil! If your idea of fun things to do in Europe revolves around rappelling down incredible coves and cliffs, this Cabo Da Roca-based activity will be right up your street. For adrenaline junkies only.
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20. Walk with dinosaurs

Fancy yourself a bit of an amateur paleontologist? Head to Lisbon’s Dino Parque to see 180 scientifically proven life-size dinosaur models, and get a peek behind the scenes of how fossils are taken care of once they’ve been excavated at the Live Lab.
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Where to stay

Stylish and unique, the restored eighteenth-century Heritage Avenida Liberdade Hotel, designed by Miguel Câncio Martins, is a real homage to creative design. It’s got the best seat in the city, too: based just around the corner from many of Lisbon’s most sought-after sights, including the Botanical Garden and National Museum of Contemporary Art. Prepare for a packed itinerary.
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