Minnewater Lake & Park

When it comes to finding the best parks in Europe, scale isn’t really a factor. The Minnewaterpark, sometimes known as the ‘Lake of Love Park’, is a petite yet gorgeously maintained slice of nature based right in the heart of the city, which you can access via an ornamental red bridge. We’d recommend enjoying a fresh pastry on one of the benches that gaze out across the Minnewater, the lake from which this park gets its namesake, as a perfect way to start the day.

Read what others share about their experience

  • Gail Green
    a week ago
    Good place to sit, when it's quiet. The scenery is good as well, with a lively lake and a bridge...
  • Kate Grigorova
    a month ago
    The park was on reconstruction. We were sitting in a wonderful place,cafe on the riverside. Lovely...
  • Dave G
    a month ago
    Great boat tour. Lasted about 35 minutes. 15 Euros.
  • Wendy
    7 months ago
    If you’re a history buff, romantic at heart, love a good fairytale person like me, you will love...
  • Athena Robinson
    a month ago
    Beautiful peaceful and relaxing. Fortunate to go in Spring

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