Rynek Underground Museum

Visit a vampire graveyard in Kraków

Standing in Kraków’s historic market square, it would be easy to miss the 4,000-square-metre archaeological site just four metres below your feet, known as the Rynek Underground. Since excavation of this site began in 2005, over 700 years of fascinating history have been discovered below ground and since turned into one of the most technologically advanced museums in Europe. 

Among the many quotidian objects found and remnants of mediaeval settlements, there is something that draws even more interest and curiosity to the site. The underground holds a cemetery within, in which some of the most peculiar burial practices can be seen. Vampires are a staple in Polish folklore and mythology, and through the excavation of Rynek, vampire graves were found. Brilliantly, the medieval graveyard is brought to life with holograms and multimedia trickery. 

To journey down below the streets of Kraków is to see mythology and ancient beliefs in action. The museum and experience is sure to fascinate even the most suspicious of visitors and fill your trip to this exotic city with mystery and fantasy.

For more information: https://muzeumkrakowa.pl/en

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  • John Walker
    5 months ago
    It was hard to read some of the descriptions but over all a great experience! Very cool exhibition...
  • Anders Folke Westlund
    3 months ago
    Interesting musuem in the middle and very heart of the old town of Krakow! Unfortunately it was a...
  • P P
    P P
    3 months ago
    A beautiful, interesting museum that tells and shows the history of Poland and Krakow over the past...
  • Alper K.
    4 months ago
    The Rynek Underground Museum was a great experience. The museum is located in the middle of the...
  • Phil Bradford
    3 months ago
    The result of major excavations under the Rynek in 2005-10, this is a fantastic insight into the...

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