Bruges Chocolatiers

Bruges Chocolatiers

Belgium is world-famous for its exquisite chocolate. The beautiful city of Bruges is home to some awe inspiring chocolatiers. If you’re thinking about what to bring from Belgium as a gift to your family and friends, or simply seek to find delicious and pleasurable treats on a getaway, Bruges may be the perfect destination. Below is a sampler of what you may yet be to taste on your travels in Bruges.

Chocolatier Dumon

Chocolatier Dumon, a family owned and operated business has been said to truly capture the essence of the city. Upon arrival, one finds themselves overwhelmed with choices. This chocolate maker offers a wide variety of chocolates, including candies, bars, and figurines. Only the best ingredients are used!

The Old Chocolate House

The Old Chocolate House a chocolate shop and tea room where you can taste the sweets directly. Their hot chocolate is the best of the two worlds, with a choice of chocolate selection for this delight. The cocoa beans used by the Old Chocolate House come from all over the world. Offering the visitor a worldly taste. (Review experiences below)

The Chocolate Line is newer to the game offering experimental treats, flavors, and creations. This shop offers many unusual items, such as chocolate lipstick (yes), chocolate pills, and chocolate lips.

Read what others share about their experience

  • Sayee
    a month ago
    Bruges is undeniably one of the most stunning medieval towns globally, renowned for its chocolate....
  • Eugenio Salvo
    a month ago
    This place offers great atmosphere and quality service. I ordered two types of hot chocolate, price...
  • Lala Rukh
    a week ago
    This place is amazing. Quite an old town vibe and the hot chocolate is to die for. Plenty of...
  • Tim Mulhall
    a week ago
    Make your own hot chocolate ! Amazing street seating outside the chocolate shop. The praline...
  • Ritika Joshi
    4 months ago
    This was on our wish list when we were planning to visit Belgium! We reached Brugge early morning...

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