The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine - UNESCO

To experience the blend of historical tradition, and modern culture, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a perfect blend of both that can be visited all year round. Seen as one of the most unique attractions in all of Poland, the mines have been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mines showcase the seven hundred year old art and tradition of salt mining. The caves here are known to be some of the oldest in all of Europe. It is believed they date back to approximately 3500 BC, the middle of the Neolithic Period. While overtime salt exportation became crucial for the country’s economy, they also became a magnificent site of beauty. 

Travelling through the exquisitely mined tunnels and shafts, the mines truly create a one-of-a-kind experience, only to be had in Poland! 

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  • Klatser
    a month ago
    Wow...what an amazing experience. Easy to get there with public transport from Krakow, the buses go...
  • Sam N
    a month ago
    The English tour was great, and the construction inside the mine is impressive to say the least. Be...
  • David Steel
    4 weeks ago
    We took a guided tour from Krakow which we booked well in advance. We were a small group and there...
  • Fernando Franco
    a week ago
    Our guide Steven made a big difference, making the experience more enjoyable. Impressive mine and...
  • Oliver Pehl
    2 weeks ago
    The tourist path was really nice, our guide was informative and was able to answer all of our...

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