Villa Barbaro

Villa Emo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Fanzolo di Vedelago, is an architectural masterpiece designed by world-renowned architect Andrea Palladio. This spectacular villa is the epitome of inspiration for anyone interested in Italian Renaissance architecture.

Surrounded by lush green gardens and fields of wheat, Villa Emo stands as a picturesque reminder of the timeless beauty that Palladio was able to bring to life through his creative genius. Its majestic facade captures the essence and grandeur of 16th-century Italian architecture with its imposing columns, expansive porticos and detailed frescoes. Inside the villa lies an even bigger surprise – Palladio’s ornate interior design featuring intricate stucco work, magnificent frescoed ceilings, marble floors and grandiose furnishings that has remained unchanged for centuries.

Inside you will also find a chapel which was added to the complex after its completion in 1600. This picturesque area includes several other buildings, such as stables and barns, as well as a library filled with rare books.

For more info: www.villaemo.org

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  • Aaron Ochse
    2 years ago
    Amazing villa built by Palladio. Beautiful Renaissance architecture and fully frescoes inside. It is...
  • Sascha Urban
    5 years ago
    A nice local site to visit but I wouldn't consider a ride of more than 30 minutes with it. The...
  • John Corleone
    2 years ago
    The architecture and the frescoes are nice it is really overpriced. Do not pay 10€ for entering,...
  • Peter Maffei
    6 years ago
    Great Palladian villa with decent frescoes, more suited to architecture buffs. The villa is in a...
  • Ante Dadic Cico
    10 months ago
    The villa suggests the beautiful place 😍

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