The historic part of St. Gallen

St. Gallen is a charming city that boasts of stunning scenery and rich culture. Located in the northeastern part of Switzerland, near the border with Germany and Austria, St. Gallen is a picturesque town that offers visitors an opportunity to explore its historical buildings, tranquil parks and gardens, and beautiful natural surroundings. The historic part of St. Gallen is a true gem, featuring charming cobblestone streets, ornate buildings, and an array of cultural and historical landmarks.

One of the most remarkable features of St. Gallen is its UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Abbey Library. This impressive structure houses over 170,000 books and manuscripts dating back to the 8th century. The library’s Baroque hall with its ornate ceiling frescoes is a sight to behold! Another highlight is the Abbey precinct with its magnificent Baroque cathedral, which boasts stunning frescoes and intricate stucco work over its towering ceilings.

Wandering through St. Gallen’s old town feels like stepping back in time, with enchanting architecture that spans centuries. But that’s not all; St. Gallen has plenty more to offer those who love nature too!

Read what others share about their experience

  • A very beautiful cathedral. It amazes with its huge dome and paintings. Only I was very surprised...
  • Ben Panuts
    6 months ago
    Should have the two or more hours for visiting the beautiful and peaceful cathedral, the painting on...
  • Shannon Wentworth
    2 months ago
    Stunning. Almost too much to take in. I am curious about the giant spoon banner hanging behind the...
  • Dan Wong HH
    2 weeks ago
    Beautiful afternoon to laze on the grass and people watch. Intricate architectural design and depth...
  • Kamil NOWAK
    3 weeks ago
    The size and interior- I won’t tell you just come and see it yourself- don’t miss the library...

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