The Atheneum of Bucharest

The Atheneum of Bucharest is an iconic landmark in Romania’s vibrant capital city. It stands as a symbol of the city’s rich cultural heritage and enduring human spirit. Built in 1888, the historical building has been witness to many of Bucharest’s most important milestones and continues to be at the center of its social life.

Adorned with beautiful frescoes and detailed relief sculptures, the Atheneum is one of Romania’s most impressive architectural masterpieces. The grand building was designed by French architect Albert Galleron, who had traveled all over Europe before arriving in Bucharest for this special project. He used a combination of styles that were popular in France at the time, resulting in a unique mix of neoclassical elements blended with oriental motifs from around the region.

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  • Alexandra Oprea
    4 months ago
    Awesome!! The building is beautiful, both outside and inside. The employees are nice and helpful,...
  • Alvaro Ramos
    a month ago
    This place is spectacular inside and outside, specially inside. Just see the photos. It's a concert...
  • Danny Lien
    a month ago
    Beautiful venue to enjoy a classical concert. Always very popular and well attended. Highly...
  • T. GeBrim
    2 weeks ago
    It is located in the old town, past the government offices, and close to Revolution Square. It was...
  • Valeriya Molenda
    a month ago
    It’s possible to visit Atheneum during morning and afternoon hours: entry ticket costs 10 lei. Is...

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