Palace of Justice Vienna

Palace of Justice in Vienna

Tucked away between the cobblestone streets of Vienna, stands the magnificent Palace of Justice, an architectural marvel that narrates countless tales of Austrian history. From its grand facade to its breathtakingly beautiful halls, every corner is adorned in elegance and majesty.

Built in the late 19th century under Minister of Justice Dr. Anton Ritter von Schmerling, this stunning edifice retains its historical charm and allure while simultaneously serving as an emphatic symbol of Austrian judicial power.

Step inside, and be transported back in time as you wander through the lobby, a true embodiment of neo-Renaissance design. The intricate ceiling frescoes sing songs of justice and law from ages ago. As you make your way across polished marble floors reflecting serene daylight streaming from stained glass windows, each step brings forth a blend of solemnity and awe-inspiring splendor only found in these sacred vestiges of time. This is more than just a site – it’s an experience where past meets present within the eternal embrace of artistry dipped in cultural heritage at the Palace of Justice in Vienna.

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  • dimpitsikas
    2 weeks ago
    Entrance is free of charge. After you pass the security check, you're free to take pictures of the...
  • The Ultra Videos
    2 months ago
    The most impressive interior you will find in Vienna. Melting staircase, dominated by the statue of...
  • Mirian Metodieva
    3 months ago
    Totally worthy visiting. No ticket fees , but the place is more than stunning. The location is...
  • Shane Dunne
    3 months ago
    Beautiful building that is free to visit Hours are strict so come early Cafe on the 5th floor - some...
  • Ferial Hussein
    a month ago
    Waited in line outside for 30 minutes during the week, notice it takes everyone about 30 minutes to...

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