Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle, located in the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a medieval fortress that stands atop a hill overlooking the city. Constructed in the 12th century as a defense against Ottoman invasion, it was later rebuilt and renovated during different eras to create the beautiful castle it is today. The castle serves as one of Ljubljana’s major attractions and draws visitors from all over Europe and beyond.

Visiting Ljubljana Castle is like stepping back in time to a less complicated age. From its winding cobblestone paths to its beautiful Gothic architecture, this castle is a reminder of what life was once like in this part of Europe. With its history stretching back hundreds of years, there’s no shortage of stories waiting to be discovered within these ancient walls.

The castle consists of two courtyards surrounded by walls with several towers and bastions. Visitors can explore various exhibitions at the castle or take part in workshops offered by local artists. Inside the walls are an outdoor café, museum, chapel and viewing terrace where people can enjoy breathtaking views of Ljubljana.

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  • Sunnatullo Fazliev
    a week ago
    Very nice place to see the city from top. Great view in the daytime as well as at night. Plenty of...
  • Katka I. (Kappa)
    a month ago
    Very nice castle situated on top of the hill. There are museums and various attraction. The entrance...
  • Arunima Gupta
    a month ago
    It’s worth visiting the castle and explore the history. The way to the castle is a bit steep hike...
  • Niclas Deane
    a month ago
    An excellent old castle and well worth a visit. Entrance to the castle grounds was actually free at...
  • A beautiful castle atop a hillock overlooking the city of Ljubljana. The edifice is fairly modern in...

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