Lake Sils

Lake Sils is a picturesque lake located in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The lake is situated at an altitude of 1,797 meters above sea level and covers an area of approximately 4.1 square kilometers. It is also known as the “poetry lake” due to its association with the famous poet Friedrich Nietzsche who spent many summers in this region.

One of the unique features of Lake Sils is that it feeds into two rivers, namely Inn and Maira. It also has a small island in the middle called Chastè Island which can only be reached by boat or kayak. The crystal-clear waters and stunning natural surroundings make it a popular destination for tourists looking for some peace and relaxation.

There are several activities that visitors can enjoy at Lake Sils including fishing, hiking, cycling, and boating.

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  • Siewling Lay
    6 months ago
    An amazing place to go see larches in autumn just a short bus ride away from St Moritz. There is an...
  • Alejandro Montiel
    3 years ago
    There is a bus that will take you from Sankt Moritz in less than half an hour (depending on your...
  • Miha Popovic
    3 years ago
    Great Climbing Spot, Polveriers. Belaying out of the car with superb climbs. As well a way through...
  • Fabulous, romantic lake, as a mirror
  • Stefan Camenisch
    2 years ago
    Worth a visit any time of the year ❄️

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