Hundertwasser House

The Hundertwasser House is a captivating and unique work of art and architecture, situated in the heart of Vienna. Built by world-renowned artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1985, this striking building stands out for its eye-catching blend of vibrant colors, organic shapes, and playful designs.

Visitors to the house are treated to a feast for the senses – each wall offers a different pattern or picture created with bright mosaic tiles; trees sprout from the rooftop gardens; windows appear randomly placed on walls and ceilings. The structure features no straight lines or right angles – instead preferring curves which echo the natural shapes found in nature. Inside and out, it’s an inspiring construction that speaks to everyone who takes time to admire it.

Hundertwasser Village is located just outside of Vienna’s city center and has been a popular tourist destination for decades. This vibrant village is known for its bright colors, undulating lines and organic shapes that blend seamlessly with nature.

Visitors to the Hundertwasser Village are sure to be inspired by its mesmerizing beauty. From the richly painted walls of its various living spaces, to its lush green gardens – each corner of this special place captivates guests with its unique charm. Paintings line many of the buildings throughout the village, inviting visitors to explore and appreciate art in all forms.

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  • L P
    L P
    a week ago
    This was a very nice place to walk around and explore. It really seems to be inside an enchanted...
  • Stavrie OnTour
    2 weeks ago
    A touristic place. Liked the unique architecture of the building! The terrace cafe was closed. The...
  • Dipan Das
    a month ago
    This is an absolutely awesome, quirky place. I read about this before visiting but wasn't quite...
  • jo lee
    4 weeks ago
    A brilliant museum/gallery packed full of amazing artwork by the artist, Hundertwasser. ‘Artist,...
  • Jakub Lepší
    a month ago
    The Hundertwasserhaus as you know Is such a beautiful place in the middle of Wien city. When a was...

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