Caves of Diros

Diros Cave –  A spectacular cave complex in the Peloponnese

Located on the southern slopes of Mount Dirphys, in northern Euboea, Greece, Diros Cave is a stunning underground network of chambers and passages. Believed to have been formed over millions of years by repeated geological processes, this natural wonder is one of the country’s most exceptional cave systems.

The main attraction within Diros Cave is the underground river known as Vlychada. Visitors can explore its crystal-clear waters aboard small boats guided by experienced cave divers and tour guides. As they navigate through the winding waterways, visitors will be captivated by the awe-inspiring stalactite formations that hang from the cave ceilings.

The temperature inside Diros Cave remains relatively constant throughout the year, allowing tourists to embark on this adventure regardless of the season. The diverse range of shapes and sizes that adorn its walls showcase centuries-worth of mineral-rich sedimentation accumulated over time.

Visitors are often amazed by the structural beauty found within Diros Cave. Massive chambers with towering ceilings create an ambiance of grandeur while smaller galleries reveal intricate clay formations created by flowing water throughout history. Additionally, these subterranean chambers are home to an array of bats and other unique species which further enhance this remarkable ecological site.

To save these ancient wonders for future generations to enjoy, strict conservation measures have been put in place within Diros Cave. Photography restrictions are enforced in certain areas where delicate formations can be easily damaged or disturbed.

In summary, a visit to Diros Cave offers a thrilling opportunity to delve deep into Greece’s geological history. With its mesmerizing river system, splendid stalactites and stalagmites, domed halls enveloped in darkness punctuated by gleams of light reflecting off pristine waters, this natural marvel truly takes visitors on an unforgettable journey below ground level.

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  • Kristen S
    in the last week
    Gorgeous and unique up close cave experience on boat and walking- definitely a must...
  • strelaki
    2 weeks ago
    Must visit and take the long journey with the boat is amazing 🤩 but if you have problems with...
  • Anna Bates
    3 weeks ago
    The place is beautiful: however, the entrance and boarding of the boats is chaotic, full of shouting...
  • Imperial Lass
    7 months ago
    I went there when they only had 300m of travel time because the water had risen. My Greek friend...
  • Pouria Kaviani
    2 weeks ago
    It's a beautiful cave and amazing beach there, we had to take the short tour because they said all...

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