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Tollymore Forest Trek GoT

South of Belfast and near to the coast of Northern Ireland is the beautiful Tollymore Forest Park. As well as being a wonderful summer destination for families and hikers, it also attracts Game of Thrones fans in droves. It was the film location for the haunted forest North of the wall, the Wolfswood near winterfell, and the Kingsroad near Castle Black.

Tollymore Forest Park is one of the best places to visit in Northern Ireland as the walks and hikes throughout the park are fantastic and it features regularly in Game of Thrones.

Tollymore forest appeared in season 1 of Game of Thrones as both the Haunted forest north of the Wall and the Wolfswood outside Winterfell.
This Tollymore Forest Trek is a total of a 90-minute walking through three iconic locations. The Winterfell coach tour starts in the morning at 10am. The total walking distance is roughly 2 miles. The terrain may be uneven sometimes, with a steep descent in, and final ascent out of the forest from the car park.

Unfortunately, this tour is not recommended for anyone with limited mobility due to the nature of the terrain. You can identify the coach by the name Eamonn Rooney in huge letters on the side. The guide will give you a Stark wool cloak as a part of the tour, for no extra cost. Please feel free to ask the guide before the tour begins.

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