The Guinness Cork Jazz Festival

October 24, 2024 -
October 28, 2024
The Guiness Jazz Festival in Cork, Ireland

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of jazz and soak in the vibrant atmosphere at The Guinness Cork Jazz Festival. This iconic event, held annually in Cork City in the south of Ireland, offers an exciting fusion of music and culture that has been delighting music lovers for decades.

The Guinness Cork Jazz Festival is a celebration of jazz in all its forms, from classic to contemporary, featuring renowned artists and emerging talents from around the world. The festival’s stages come alive with soulful melodies, infectious beats and improvisational brilliance —  creating an electrifying ambience that’s nothing short of magical.

What sets this festival apart is its unique blend of jazz, Irish hospitality, and — of course — the world-famous Guinness stout. As you explore the charming Cork, you’ll encounter jazz performances in historic venues across the city accompanied by the rich, velvety taste of Guinness! The warm and welcoming spirit of the Irish people adds a special charm to every moment, making it an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or simply looking for a memorable weekend, this festival offers a timeless escape filled with rhythm, melody, and Irish charm. Get ready to be part of a tradition that celebrates the beauty of jazz and the warmth of Ireland’s heart.

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