Bergen International Festival

May 22, 2024 -
June 5, 2024

The Bergen International Festival has a rich history that dates back to 1953 when a small group of Norwegian musicians and artists decided to organize an event celebrating the city’s cultural heritage. Over the years, this festival has grown into one of Norway’s most prominent cultural events, attracting world-renowned performers and artists from different parts of the globe.

The festival is held annually in May and June, coinciding with the end of the academic year in Bergen. It typically lasts for two weeks, during which time visitors can enjoy an eclectic mix of music, dance, theater performances, film screenings, art exhibitions and other cultural activities. The festival’s organizers are committed to showcasing a diverse range of artistic expressions that reflect both traditional and contemporary trends in global culture.

One of the unique features of this festival is its location – many events take place in historic venues throughout Bergen such as medieval churches or grand concert halls.

Photo credit: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

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