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Hotel Villa Astra

At Hotel Villa Astra, we have a saying: ‘Life is a journey, and your journey is our life’. We’ve put everything we have into making this hotel an oasis of peace for those who step through its doors… efforts that can be felt in the special energy that runs through the place. There’s something wonderful in the air at Hotel Villa Astra – book a room and feel renewed in mind, body, and spirit.
Vjekoslav Martinko

Building: 1905

Two incredible minds brought Hotel Villa Astra to life – the Venetian architect Renato Renosoco and Attilio Maguolo, a master of Art Nouveau art and design. Together, in the early 20th century, they created our stunning Venetian Floral-Gothic hotel: an unmissable aspect of Lovran’s skyline, featuring bright yellow walls framed by lush trees.

There’s no denying that Hotel Villa Astra gives an exceptional first impression… but it’s more than just a treat for the eyes. Inside, you’ll find seven spacious double bedrooms, an intimate restaurant, and a massage area. Outside, on the property’s verdant grounds, there’s also a swimming pool and secluded beach to discover that overlook the glittering waters of the Adriatic Sea, along with free parking for your practical needs.

Open: all year

Rooms: 9

From: €


Occasions to Remember

Some of the highlights of staying at our historic hotel


Putting together traditional Istrian meals with a creative spark is the passion of our chefs at Hotel Villa Astra. Enjoy fresh, local ingredients sourced from our farm, seasonal dishes and sensational flavour from each dish on our menu, which caters to a variety of likes, dislikes, and dietary requirements.


We’re all about energy at Hotel Villa Astra. We’ll help you measure your personal energy with a special camera and interpret the results using Ayurveda, clinical research and acupuncture concepts. From these insights, we’ll learn what influences your stress levels and establish techniques to counter them – supporting you in finding lasting happiness and peace, long after your stay with us has ended.


We’d love to host your special day at Hotel Villa Astra, and can take care of everything from the wedding ceremony to your flowers and decor and photographers to accommodation. Of course, we’ll roll out a superb dinner, too, including welcome drinks and a menu that consists of four to eight courses. Please enquire for further details.


Experiences to add to your itinerary
  • Kvarner Beach
  • Plaža Medveja
  • Lungomare Promenade
  • Franz-Josef Promenade
  • St. Juraj Church
  • Opatija Walk of Fame
  • Park of Nature Ucka
  • National Park Brijuni
  • Villa Angiolina & Botanical Gardens
  • Opatija American Garden
  • Croatian Museum of Tourism
  • Lipa Remembers Memorial Centre
  • Windiana Jones Watersports Centre
  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Liburnia Jazz Festival (July)
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