Historic Hotels of Europe Welcomes Six New Exceptional Members

April 29, 2024
Illuminated baroque castle at dusk with ornate statues in front, surrounded by lush greenery, under a cloudy sky.

The Historic Hotels of Europe is thrilled to announce the addition of six new members to our prestigious collection. These properties, each with a unique and rich history, are poised to offer visitors unparalleled experiences in some of Europe's most picturesque settings. Each of these properties has been carefully selected for its historical significance and commitment to maintaining the integrity of its heritage while providing guests with an extraordinary travel experience. Read on to explore our latest additions…


Palazzo Bifora, Malta

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Palazzo Bifora, a luxurious retreat enclosed within the medieval walls of Mdina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This boutique hotel, situated in Malta's historic former capital, boasts six elegantly appointed suites, a stunning outdoor terrace and a rooftop restaurant and cocktail bar complete with sweeping views of the ancient city and its surroundings. The perfect Maltese getaway.

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Granville Hotel, Ireland

Enjoy the Granville Hotel, a cornerstone of hospitality located in Waterford's historic shopping district, with views overlooking the River Suir. Dating back to the early 1700s, the property serves as a living chronicle of Ireland's fascinating social and political history. Restored with meticulous care by the Cusack family, the Granville Hotel is celebrated for its personal service and true Irish hospitality. The hotel's bar, honouring Thomas Francis Meagher—the Irish nationalist who first flew the Irish tricolour flag—is an ideal place to experience a piece of Ireland's storied past while enjoying contemporary comforts.

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Villa Lana, Czech Republic

Explore Prague’s picturesque 6th district with a stay at Villa Lanna. This neo-Renaissance architectural marvel, crafted in 1872, stands as a testament to the vision of industrialist and art lover Vojtěch Lanna. Adorned with Viktor Barvitius's frescoes inspired by Josef Mánes, Villa Lanna offers 23 uniquely designed rooms that blend historical elegance with modern comfort. The tower, recently restored, offers panoramic views that encompass the Prague Zoo and majestic Troja Castle, making each stay an immersive historical experience.

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Chateau Trest, Czech Republic

Experience the romance of Chateau Třešť, situated in the scenic highlands of the central Czech Republic. This enchanting chateau combines the allure of its historical roots with the luxuries of modern accommodations. Surrounded by green hills, lush forests, and tranquil lakes, Chateau Třešť offers a variety of recently renovated rooms and family accommodations, providing a perfect escape into the heart of the Bohemian-Moravian highlands.

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Montefoli Estate, Greece

Relax at the Montofoli Wine Estate, an idyllic retreat on the beautiful island of Evia. This historic property, nestled between the ancient port of Karystos and the Venetian fortress Castello Rosso, features four private villas set amidst vineyards, linden trees, and citrus groves. Here, history and hospitality merge, offering guests a chance to relax in comfort while enjoying gorgeous views, guided tours, and, of course, the spectacular Montofoli wine. 

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Schloss Frankenberg, Germany

Step into the pages of history at Schloss Frankenberg, a castle rich with 800 years of stories, now lovingly restored as part of the European Heritage Project. At Hotel Schloss Frankenberg, luxury meets legacy across 27 uniquely designed suites and rooms, each offering a unique narrative and crafted with care by master artisans. Indulge in a blend of culture, cuisine, and comfort with a stay that promises to be a cherished chapter in your travel story, set amidst the enchanting southern Steigerwald.

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About Historic Hotels of Europe

Historic Hotels of Europe is an exclusive collection of hotels, castles, palaces, and estates of historic importance. We aim to offer our guests something truly special—unforgettable experiences that combine the charm and hospitality of the past with modern comfort and luxury.

We are dedicated to preserving the unique heritage of each property, ensuring they continue to tell their stories for generations to come.

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