19 Soothing Spa Hotels in Europe

Our collection of spa hotels in Europe allow you to flit from organic facials to freshwater pools in an effortless daze of calm. Knot-melting massages, award-winning restaurants serving life-giving fare, restful rituals and miles of dramatic scenery await in these properties across the continent. At these European spas, there’s endless ways to say ‘ahhhhhh’…

1. Hotel Royal Palace, Slovakia

Not many spa hotels in Europe can boast their own source of mineral thermal healing water. Hotel Royal Palace can, though. It makes sense then, that you can unwind with old-world therapies – those touted by 13th-century kings – and bathe in the golden Royal Bath, a circular pool with thermal water directly rising from the depths of the earth.

2. Chateau Liblice, Czech Republic

Your hosts at Chateau Liblice take hospitality to new heights in order to make sure you’re revitalised inside and out. Inside this Baroque castle, you’ll glide between the sauna, solarium, whirlpools, hydro-massage showers and other state-of-the-art facilities. It’s the exemplar of European spas.

3. Relais San Biagio, Italy

Historic surroundings, stress-melting spa services and a kind, caring team at Relais San Biagio make this Perugia-based property the place to come for serenity. What makes it one of the most special spa hotels in Europe is the fact it’s also an ancient monastery. That inimitable ambience of peace plunges you into a distant, precious world, one that cannot be replicated by any modern counterparts.

4. Eccles Hotel, Ireland

You’re not just on an island at Eccles Hotel, a pampering haven of artisan cuisine, spa indulgence and Bantry Bay views. You are an island. A blend of natural simplicity, seasonal ingredients and VOYA organic Irish seaweed-based therapies transforms your state of mind the moment you arrive. Savour calm, eat foraged delights, and dream.

5. Castel Rundegg, Italy

Castel Rundegg is a jaw-slackening sight. The South Tyrolean sanctuary pairs Mediterranean beauty – both natural and architectural – with nimble-handed masseuses, calming spa facilities and rooms with private gardens.

6. Parkhotel Kenmare, Ireland

19th-century country house Park Hotel Kenmare is more than worthy of its awards. Here, your wellbeing flourishes in environments of pure serenity. In Spa SÁMAS, there are healing therapies from the east and west, 25-metre pool and a sauna, all combined with the soul-nourishing scenery of Kerry.

7. Hotel Alte Goste, Italy

Traditional through-and-through, Hotel Alte Goste’s 12th-century spirit can still be felt today. Succumb, blissfully, to ancient steam, hay and herbal bath remedies in the bolthole’s wellness area, which sets it apart from other European spas. Surrounded by natural materials – all wood and marble – your mind and body will submit to total relaxation.

8. No.1 Pery Square Hotel & Spa, Ireland

Housed in a cocooning hideaway basement, the spa at No.1 Pery Square Hotel & Spa is a soothing, holistic respite in the heart of Limerick city centre. Packages span from couples’ spa extravaganzas to VOYA organic treatments for men. From the snooze room to the aroma salts foot bath, there’s something for every serenity seeker.

9. Ice House, Ireland

Considered one of the finest spa hotels in Europe, Ice House is the kind of head-to-toe time-out we crave most days. Its award-winning Chill Spa is a temple of treatments and therapies, whether you plump for a half-day of heaven, morning massage or weekend of winding down.

10. Villa Cipriani, Italy

Villa Cipriani dates back to 1889, when English poet Robert Browning purchased it and permeated it with Florentine country vibes, of which he loved deeply. This character blends perfectly with the rolling hills of Asolo – the dream location for a spa retreat. Expect a sauna, Turkish bath, mood showers, as well as a wide range of massages and treatments given by wellness experts.

11. Penrhiw Priory, Wales

Just think of it: breathing in the meadow-fresh air, savouring multi-award-winning dishes with ingredients sourced from the neighbours, and warming up your soul in one of the most calm-evoking European spas you could imagine. Penrhiw Priory is a 19th-century haven in dinky St Davids that can make blissful daydreams become heavenly realities.

12. Sierakow Manor, Poland

While theatregoers, poetry soakers, jazz lovers, movie buffs and vodka aficionados keep the streets of Krakow in a constant state of zeal, sometimes all you need is a brief retreat into silence. Sierakow Manor is just 20km from Poland’s former capital, with a unique spa that uses wine in its cosmetics. The grape-based lotions and potions are used in a wide range of body and face treatments. When you’re not at the healing hands of a masseuse, the wooden hot tub is yours for the taking.

13. Rubezahl-Marienbad, Czech Republic

West-Bohemian romance comes in waves at Rubezahl-Marienbad. This fairytale castle is the place to go for gastro-lovers, culture vultures and pleasure-seekers alike. Built in 1903, the luxury forest hotel still retains the magical mountain spirit of the past, only now it has a modern spa and wellness centre to wash away your tension and instill serenity.

14. Puteus Palace, Croatia

Puteus Palace is an oasis of tranquility. Venture into their ‘secret garden’ to swim in a secluded pool before dipping your toe into any one of the property’s other wellness areas, which include a Finnish sauna and jacuzzi. It’s the ultimate Croatian location for recreation, setting the standard for spa hotels in Europe.

15. Komierowo Palace, Poland

World class hospitality and a fascinating past meet at this dreamy Polish property. When you’re not diving into details of the history of the Komierowski family, you’ll be revelling at the spectacular spa facilities at your fingertips. Bridging the gap between you, self-care and nature, the sauna at Komierowo Palace has glass walls, too, which means that you can gaze out at the hotel’s verdant grounds while you relax.

16. Saka Manor, Estonia

One of the things we look for when seeking out European spas is choice. With eight treatment rooms, Saka Manor’s variety of wellness options can accommodate whatever you desire, whether you’re looking to work out some tension with a lava stone massage or fancy a moment’s repose in a Finnish sauna. There’s even a children’s swimming pool to hand, allowing for fun for the whole family.

17. Schloss Wartegg, Switzerland

The staff at centuries-old Schloss Wartegg know exactly how to take care of their guests’ minds, bodies and spirits. Based next to Lake Constance and home to a variety of scenic cycling trails, it’s the perfect place to get out and about in nature before supping on fresh fare at their Michelin-recommended restaurant. Elsewhere within the property, their turquoise oval bathtub is the ideal place to relax those hard-working muscles.

18. Hotel Le Bouclier d’Or, France

France is generally considered synonymous with romance, and the spa at Strasbourg-based Hotel Le Bouclier d’Or certainly captures that vibe. Above, a gorgeous vaulted ceiling draws the eye. Hushed and warm-hued, wandering around the wellness area is in itself relaxing as you investigate the spa treatments on offer. The city of Strasbourg is a treat for the soul as well, festooned with cobbled streets and monochromatic facades along the Rhine.

19. Hotel Gino Park Palace, Slovakia

In 2018, Hotel Gino Park Palace won ‘The Best In The Region’ for its wellness facilities at the Local Tourism Chamber Award, so you know off the bat that it’s a great place to consider while choosing from spa hotels in Europe. We’re particularly fans of its cosy Tepidarium – an inviting sanctuary in which to sit back and warm up before wandering around the palace. This property houses some real gems for culture lovers, including a rococo-inspired Baroque chapel.


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