Beautiful places to bond with your other half in Europe

You have a lot to choose from when it comes to the best holidays for couples in Europe. As a hotbed of captivating coasts, glorious cities and amazing countryside, the continent is the perfect place to go on any number of adventures for two. Keep reading to discover some of our top destinations with a romantic twist.

1. Strasbourg: France

La Petite-France is the historic centre of Strasbourg and sits on the western side of the city’s river, the Grande Île. You don’t need a jam packed itinerary to make the most of this culture-crammed island: simply wandering the streets with a belly full of coffee and freshly-baked croissants will be sure to perfect your afternoon! Admire the historic scenery and structures as you stroll by with your loved one, and take particular note of the Rue du Bain-aux-Plantes. Each half-timbered house on this street is painted white and sports various sizes and shapes, creating an aesthetic that leaves quite the impression.

For staying over, book a room at Le Bouclier d’Or. Elegance, history and grandeur are the hallmarks of traditional romance, and this hotel more than delivers on all three: from its original features to top-tier spa. Enchantment awaits.

2. Vienna: Austria

Romantic Vienna is the perfect base for any number of international date nights… and unique ones, at that! Forget dinner and a movie: Riding Dinner offers tourists an opportunity to eat Viennese delicacies from a horse-drawn carriage as it whisks you about the city, allowing you to soak up the sights while delighting your senses. Alternatively, Vienna’s ball season is an amazing way to get to know the capital’s musical culture while picking up some new dance moves. With plenty of unique activities for lovers on offer, Vienna can’t help but provide one of the best holidays for couples in Europe.

If that weren’t enough, it’s also home to one of the finest historic hotels in our Collection. Built in 1600 and serving tourists for centuries, Hotel Stefanie is the oldest hotel in the city and is (as you’d expect) an expert in hospitality. Between its exceptional staff and dreamy bedrooms, every day spent here feels like the first day of a honeymoon.

3. Santorini: Greece

A trip to Santorini has long-been considered one of the best holidays for couples in Europe… and for very good reason. The striking island is defined by its rugged cliffs and astonishing sunsets, which together create the perfect location for lovers. After spending your day on the waves and sampling Greek delicacies (‘saganaki’ is a favourite of ours), there’s nothing quite like kicking back, holding hands, and watching the sun paint the sky in hues of apricot and cherry red… particularly from your very own terrace. Aigialos Hotel, voted the ‘Most Romantic Historic Hotel’ in 2014, offers private terraces that look out across some of the island’s best views… and its rooms are filled with character, too. Fully renovated in 2009 using local volcanic stone, each one has been designed with the island’s seafaring history in mind.

4. Banská Štiavnica: Slovakia

This wouldn’t be a list of the best holidays for couples in Europe without mentioning Banská Štiavnica. This charming Slovakian town is truly one of the continent’s hidden gems, particularly noteworthy for its medieval buildings and ‘love bank’: a museum entirely dedicated to lovers, and created based on the world’s longest love poem! Nominated for ‘European Museum of the Year 2021’, you can be confident you’re in for an exceptional time when you book a visit here. Since 1993, the town and its surroundings are proclaimed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Just a short drive away is the idyllic Hotel Royal Palace: a luxury hotel fit for royalty. Everybody deserves a little star treatment from time to time, and this hotel offers just that. Unwind with your special someone in its spa, known for its healing waters, and while away some fascinating hours getting to know the history between the building’s art deco architecture – the perfect backdrop for many a lovers’ selfie. Be still, our beating hearts.

5. Tuscany: Italy

If eating while admiring utopic scenery sounds like your idea of a romantic time, then Tuscany is likely calling you and your lover’s names. Famous for its remarkable rural views and closeness to nature, this pocket of Italy is perfect for couples who like a taste of the outdoors. Tour vineyards, sample local cuisine, visit hot springs or take a trip to the fascinating streets of Florence for an invigorating and inspiring stay: you can even travel around by Vespa if you’re feeling adventurous!

Those more in the mood to relax and be pampered will find their needs met by Villa Le Barone: a four-star hotel in the heart of Chianti. This serene haven comes complete with an outdoor pool and restaurant dishing up the finest Tuscan cuisine. What’s more, you can book your own cooking class as well where you’ll receive a hands-on introduction whipping up divine Tuscan meals. A souvenir that’ll last you and your partner a lifetime.

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