Blarney Castle & Garden

Nestled deep in County Cork, just 15 minutes from Cork City in the Republic of Ireland, you can find yourselves in the grounds of Blarney Castle and Gardens.

The castle and grounds bring in thousands of visitors each year, locals as well as tourists. The Castle, Gardens, Rock Close, and Blarney Stone are the four main elements which lay within the grounds.

The site is most known for hosting the Blarney Stone. Legend tells the stone, once kissed, bestows the gift eloquence on its patron. The stone is located within the outer walls of Blarney Castle, hundreds of feet above the ground. Kissing the stone is an act for the brave at heart, for one must also be in a reclined, upside-down position to reach the famous stone.

While the Blarney Stone is what draws many to the castle, there is also a rich history and diverse grounds that keep visitors coming back.

Currently, the Blarney Castle we know today is the third building to be built on the site. In 1210 A.D. the first known wooden structure was replaced by a greater stone building. This second structure remained intact until 1446, when Dermot McCarthy, The King of Munster, built the Blaney Castle as it can be seen today.

The castle is easily accessible from all parts of Ireland. One can plan their visit and learn more about the castle and its history at blarneycastle.ie.

As Ireland has continued opening its boarders to international visitors, Blarney Castle is sure to be open throughout the year, closing only on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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