World Museum Vienna

While wandering the streets of Vienna, a lovely afternoon can be spent traveling through time in the World Museum.

The Weltmuseum Wien (former Museum of Ethnology) in Vienna is the largest anthropological museum in Austria, established in 1876. It currently resides in the Hofburg Imperial Palace and houses more than 400,000 ethnographical and archaeological objects from Asia, Africa, Oceania, and America.

The museum’s collections comprise more than 200,000 ethnographic objects, 100,000 photographs and 146,000 printed works from all over the world. Important collections include Mexican artifacts, such as a unique Aztec feathered headdress; part of James Cook’s collection of Polynesian and Northwest Coast art (purchased in 1806); numerous Benin bronzes; the collection of Charles von Hügel from India, Southeast Asia, and China; collections from the Austrian Brazil Expedition; artifacts collected during the circumnavigation of the globe by the SMS Novara; and two of the remaining rongorongo tablets.

The museum’s most famous piece is a feathered headdress which tradition holds belonged to Moctezuma II, the Aztec emperor at the time of the Spanish Conquest. This has created friction between the Mexican and the Austrian governments. Originally taken as war booty by the Spanish in the 16th century, Austria acquired it from France in 1880.

The museum is filled with artifacts that can spark the imagination of any visitor..

Admission and operating time can be found at: https://www.weltmuseumwien.at/

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  • James Michael Jordan
    a month ago
    Now THIS…is a museum! It’s perfect in every way. Easy to get in, easy to navigate, well plotted...
  • Angelina
    a month ago
    I highly recommend this museum. It is quiet and less crowded. You can enjoy the collections from all...
  • baracuda turkiye
    3 months ago
    Our eyes are always familiar with the historical, traditional and etymological objects in Europe and...
  • John Paul Tuquib
    2 months ago
    A museum that has vast of artifacts, collections and objects from different countries from Africa,...
  • Neha Patel
    a month ago
    Gorgeous museum, great permanent exhibitions (passage thru time, collections from all colonialist...

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