National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology, located in Dublin, is a must-see destination for those seeking to explore the fascinating history and culture of Ireland. Founded in 1877, it has played a vital role in preserving the country’s ancient archaeology, becoming a prized destination for those wanting to learn more about Irish heritage. From its humble beginnings, the museum has grown into a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits that span centuries across Irish history. With over 2 million archaeological artifacts in its collections, it is one of the most important repositories of Irish antiquities. The museum’s permanent exhibitions provide an immersive experience into the past with displays exploring prehistoric archaeology and early Christian artworks.

Visitors can also take part in interactive tours which allow them to explore some of these ancient artifacts up close. Through photographs, illustrations and reconstructions, visitors can travel back through time and discover how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago. Here you can see tools used by Stone Age hunters as well as objects from early Christian settlements – all waiting to be explored! For those interested in exploring further, guided tours are available that provide visitors with an expert perspective on some of Ireland’s most impressive archaeological sites.

The museum also features a range of temporary exhibitions from both local and international sources that offer insights into various aspects of Irish archaeology such as stone circles, Bronze Age hoards and Viking settlements.

The National museum of Ireland is situated in the former Collins barracks.

Read what others share about their experience

  • Karen O'Reilly
    2 weeks ago
    Beautiful building. No admission fee, just a donation option of €5. Loads of artefacts and history...
  • Amanda Stephenson
    a month ago
    I just loved this museum. It is very manageable to visit it within a couple of hours so you don’t...
  • Jamie Oakland
    a month ago
    Visited on a Monday afternoon, and there was quite a line forming before their opening. But the...
  • Jonathan Leversha
    2 weeks ago
    Really well laid out, starting you off with the very earliest excavations, with quite a linear route...
  • Debbie Rayworth
    4 months ago
    Awesome medieval history and artifacts. Amazing video room with archeologist explaining the...

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