Modern Greek Art Museum

For the art lovers among us, the Museum of Modern Greek Art may just be the perfect way to spend a day in Rhodes. The museum founded in the 1950s was officially inaugurated in 1964.

Andreas Ioannou, distinguished scholar of modern Greek art, writer and prefect of the Dodecanese, saw that Rhodes had all the characteristics for the creation of an emblematic Museum of Modern Art, which could gain international exposure. For this reason, he came into contact with the leading Greek artists, acquired their emblematic works and housed them in the historic building of Symi Square at the entrance to the Medieval Town of Rhodes, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 2002, the multi-storey building, donated by Ioannis (1897-1978) and Paolas (1914-2011) Nestoridis, was inaugurated, to which part of the Museum’s permanent exhibitions and workshops were transferred. The new building is located in Gavriel Charitou Square, also known as the “Square with 100 Dates”, in the center of modern city life and tourist activity. It is the most important cultural point in the city center, and one of the most important outside the walls of the Medieval City.

In 2010, the New Wing of the Museum was inaugurated, which was built with a donation from Paola Nestoridou on a plot of land owned by the Municipality of Rhodes.

It is a modern cultural space and reference point for the island’s cultural activity.

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  • Marco Baldini
    a week ago
    The municipal Art Gallery of Rhodos should be have to be very interesting. But at the moment other...
  • eleni lolou
    11 months ago
    Art gallery is CLOSED!! It is temporarily located at Nestoridion museum, near Casino! Unfortunately...
  • Ray Restel
    4 years ago
    Beautiful looking fortifications by the city gate but there is a narrow pavement so it is hard to...
  • Mirek Zabski
    3 years ago
    Greek art gallery. Especially painting exhibitions. Located in the Rhodes' medieval Old City centre....
  • Almost all famous Greek painters of the 20th century are represented, am excellent excibition....

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