Imperial Carriage Museum

The Imperial Carriage Museum or rather the Kaiserliche Wagenburg is a museum of carriages and vehicles used by the imperial household of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian Empire, and Austria-Hungary. It is housed in the grounds of the Schloss Schönbrunn in the Hietzing district of Vienna and is an exhibition within the greater Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Filled with coaches and carriages of emperors and gowns and dresses of empresses the exhibit invites you to take a walk through the history of Austria. See the carriages of famous rulers such as Maria Theresia, Napoleon or Franz Joseph and accompany them through their eventful lives. The highlight is the baroque Imperial Coach, but there are also exquisite state carriages, comfortable traveling coaches and the charming children’s carriages of Habsburg princes and princesses. Another highlight is the Sisi Trail that showcases not only the Empress’ carriages but also personal mementos such as her only extant saddle, her riding chapel, and sumptuous original dresses.

Highlights of the exhibition include the Golden Carousel Carriage of Maria Theresia, the Child’s Phaeton of Napoleon’s son, the Black Hearse of the Viennese Court, the personal Landaulet of Empress Elisabeth, and the only preserved Court Automobile of 1914.

The museum is open for visitation everyday. More details on admission prices and how to plan your visit can be found on the Kunsthistorisches Museum website at https://www.kaiserliche-wagenburg.at/en/visit/

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  • R S
    R S
    4 months ago
    A small museum worth a visit. It takes about 30-40 minutes to visit. You can read useful information...
  • John Paul Tuquib
    2 months ago
    The location is 290m to the right of the entrance gate of the Palace. A collection of transport such...
  • Ross Janes
    2 weeks ago
    Very interesting and educational. Was able to tour the entire display facility with little to no...
  • Mark White
    6 months ago
    My favourite attraction in Vienna, staff so friendly, the carriages and motor cars are incredible...
  • Ash K
    5 months ago
    One of our favorites. Beautifully preserved carriages. You get transported to a different world. No...

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