Monument of the Discoveries

As you stroll along the Tagus River in Lisbon, Portugal, you’ll come across a towering monument that stands tall and proud. This awe-inspiring structure is known as the Monument of the Discoveries or Padrao dos Descobrimentos in Portuguese.

Built to honor Portugal’s Age of Discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries, this magnificent monument celebrates exploration, courage, and determination. It serves as a reminder of the brave navigators who set sail from these very shores to discover new lands and opportunities for their country.

As you stand before this towering masterpiece, you can feel a sense of inspiration and admiration for those who bravely set out into uncharted territories with little more than their own courage and determination. The Monument of the Discoveries serves as a reminder that we too can achieve greatness by pursuing our dreams, even when they seem impossible or daunting. Let us take a closer look at this remarkable piece of art that captures the spirit of exploration and discovery.

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  • Jurica Maricic
    10 months ago
    Amazing structure at ground level, and wonderful view from the top. I suggest buying Lisbon card if you plan to visit many sights of the city, in this way entrances to certain attractions are either free or with great discount. At ground level there is also the museum about the plans and expansion of Belem part of the town.
  • Vlad Bezden
    a year ago
    Very interesting place. There is an entrance to the top of the monument. As of May 2022, the ticket is six euros. I recommend going to the top. The view from there is incredible. You can see the bridge on one side, and another side is the tower and palace across the road.
  • Bruna Ugá
    2 weeks ago
    Impressive monument for its size and design. The view from the top is breathtaking, I think it's worth paying the lift to go up. If you are afraid of heights maybe you should skip that. I don't really like the word "discovery" when we talk about the colonization of lands that were already populated. Nevertheless, that's a nice spot to reflect on the country's and the world's history.
  • Jainif Marediya
    a year ago
    Very cool looking monument that you have to check out. The size alone is crazy and up close it’s even crazier. I didn’t go inside due to lack of time but it might be worth checking out. Definitely visit the outside though
  • Josin George
    a month ago
    Memorable place. Very beautiful and mighty monument. Journey made by Vascoda Gama is beautifully described in pictures. If we gonna through these images we can feel it like a museum. It's a wonderful experience. I think the history of Portugal is based on these adventures trips.

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