Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta

Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta is a stunning, historic estate just 15 miles north of Milan in the Lombardy region. Built in 1632, this stately villa has been home to generations of aristocrats and is still today one of the most spectacular examples of Renaissance architecture in Europe. The villa was commissioned by Cardinal Carlo Visconti Borromeo and designed by architect Francesco Maria Richini. The two-story structure features a symmetrical façade with a rusticated base and four side wings radiating from the central core. The Borromeo family have owned Villa Visconti for centuries and have continued to restore and preserve it’s majestic beauty.

Stepping onto the grounds of Villa Visconti will transport you through time as you explore its lush gardens filled with ancient citrus trees, vibrant flowers, and secret pathways hidden among the hedges. From its grand entrance gate to its Italian-style fountains, each corner holds a unique story waiting to be discovered.

The villa’s interior is equally remarkable, featuring incredibly ornate decorations such as frescoes, stuccos and marbles. Much of its original furnishings remain intact to this day including furniture from the 18th century Laglio cabinet-maker Giovanni Battista Gatti and painted garments created by Pompeo Batoni.

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  • Matthew Dunn
    a week ago
    Mostly a free to enter gardens, there was one area that needed a ticket, but you can walk down the...
  • Laura
    6 months ago
    Very nice place! The ninfeo is the part usually visited,it has very nice decorations,like a fake...
  • Veronica Boer
    5 months ago
    A beautiful villa outside the city, immersed in a natural landscape, it belonged to the noble family...
  • Yvon Roy
    6 years ago
    Awesome visit and even. Was totally worth the money you get to visit the palace which was use a...
  • Georgia Meroni
    a year ago
    This villa is just a jewel not far away from Milan with one of the most amazing parks and fountains....

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