Czech Republic

Veltrusy Chateau

Veltrusy Chateau is a stunning castle located in the Czech Republic. Nestled in a picturesque valley southeast of Prague, this historic landmark has been home to generations of aristocrats since the 16th century.

Its original owners, the Lobkowicz family, built Veltrusy Chateau as a private residence and it was used by them until World War II when it was confiscated by the Nazis. It later served as a hospital during Communist rule before being restored to its original beauty.

Today, Veltrusy Chateau stands as a testament to centuries old tradition and culture blended with European refinement. Its famed hallways have hosted many dignitaries and celebrations over time, while its picturesque grounds beckon visitors from all over the world to admire its hidden treasures. Inside, they will discover an impressive collection of antiques and artwork that tell stories of generations past. From exploring the serene parks and formal gardens, to feasting on fine cuisine at one of its restaurants – Veltrusy Chateau offers a wonderful experience.

The chateau is open for guided tours all year round with tickets available for purchase online or on-site.

Read what others share about their experience

  • David F
    in the last week
    From outside looks liike small, but inside it is huge. It is like frozen in time you can easily ...
  • Michaela 3
    2 years ago
    It was a great trip. The castle is beautiful, the surtounding is lovely and quite. It is near...
  • TheEvdriver
    a year ago
    The next stage takes us to Veltrusy Castle. Surrounded by a very extensive, forest-like park with...
  • Marek Němeček
    2 years ago
    Nice chateau, it is possible to park for free in the South of the area, circa 5 min walk through the...
  • M
    4 years ago
    Nice place to visit. Huge garden, better to come in summer. The main biulding is closed since 2002...

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