The House of Illusions

The House of Illusions in Ljubljana is a must-visit destination for those who are looking for an experience that will leave them inspired and amazed. The house is a unique attraction that offers visitors a chance to explore optical illusions, puzzles, and brain teasers that challenge the mind and the senses. From the moment you step inside, you can feel the energy of creativity and imagination flowing through every corner of this magical place.

As you wander through each room, you’ll experience illusions that will make your head spin, see objects that seem to defy gravity, and witness magic tricks that will leave you wondering how they were done.  The exhibits themselves range from classic optical illusions to modern digital installations, ensuring there’s something for everyone. One standout exhibit is the Ames Room, where visitors can shrink or grow in size depending on their position in the room!

But it’s not just about viewing static displays – at the House of Illusions, you can become part of the exhibits yourself! Visitors are encouraged to take part in interactive exhibits where you’ll have the opportunity to test your own perception and problem-solving skills, such as solving puzzles or testing their balance on tilted floors.

This house is not just a fun outing; it’s also an inspiring journey into the world of art, science, and human ingenuity.

Read what others share about their experience

  • Carmen Donnelly
    2 weeks ago
    Included in the city pass. Great way to spend an hour. Classic and new illustrations and tricks....
  • Ivan Dabić
    3 months ago
    Fun end of the day. It was our first time in Ljubljana and the house of illusions was near by our...
  • Yeeman
    2 weeks ago
    It was nice but honestly I expected the exposition to be more exciting and more interactive. You...
  • V H
    V H
    a month ago
    Great fun to be had, with the city card in hand, we ventured to this fun house, there are numerous...
  • Jacqui Smith
    a week ago
    Less interactive than I would have liked. As an adult, there with other adults, I found this place a...

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