The historic centre of Bruges - UNESCO

Lovers of Gothic architecture will be in their element in Bruges – once a medieval metropolis and important part of Europe’s commercial history. The fascinating city retains its original layout of streets, canals and squares, with a skyline and buildings that its 13th-century habitants would still recognise today.

The centre of Bruges is a historic settlement that has been masterfully preserved over the centuries. Modern builds are wedged in-between gorgeous Gothic constructs, now synonymous with the medieval metropolis that’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Keep your gaze high as you venture through its culture-rich streets, admiring its mix of architectural influences from the medieval to Neo-Gothic.

Make sure to visit the Belfry, too. Built in the 13th century, this iconic tower includes a treasury (which held the city’s charters and more throughout the Middle Ages) and a music drum, used to play the tower’s 47 carillon bells.

Bruges canals
Bruges belfry tower and canal
Bruges market square with flemish architecture and horse carriages

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