Strumble Head Lighthouse

Strumble Head Lighthouse: A Shimmering Attraction That Will Take Your Breath Away

Enchanting and breathtaking, Strumble Head Lighthouse is undoubtedly one of the most incredible attractions in Pembrokeshire. Situated on the rugged Welsh coast, this magnificent structure has been guiding sailors to safety for over a hundred years. It stands proudly amidst stunning scenery that includes dramatic cliffs, golden beaches, and an endless expanse of ocean.

The tower itself is a sight to behold, rising majestically 55 meters above sea level with its crisp white facade that gleams in the sunlight, it measures at 17 meters tall and has a range of 22 nautical miles. It is painted white with a distinctive red band around its middle section that makes it easily recognizable from afar. The light within Strumble Head Lighthouse flashes every ten seconds and can be seen from as far away as Ireland in clear weather conditions.

The lighthouse was designed by Trinity House’s engineer James Walker and was first lit on December 1st, 1908. Today it serves as a beacon of hope for travelers from all over the world who seek adventure and inspiration in Wales’ natural wonders.

Visitors are welcome to explore the historic site for themselves, and there are guided tours available during certain times of the year.

Read what others share about their experience

  • Vijay
    a week ago
    Wonderful views all along. Road leading to the lighthouse car park is slightly narrow. Although...
  • Arun
    a week ago
    The journey to this lighthouse might be a difficult one in terms of narrow roads but you will find...
  • Atitaya P.
    7 months ago
    Stumble Head Lighthouse offers a breathtaking coastal experience. The scenery here is stunning, with...
  • Victoria T
    11 months ago
    Beautiful views and super clear waters around the shore lines. Very quiet, even for half term....
  • Olivia Brogan
    10 months ago
    Absolutely stunning setting, gorgeous views of the sea and surrounding countryside. You can see this...

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