Slieve League Cliffs

Rising almost 2000 ft / 598 m from the Atlantic Ocean, Slieve League is known as one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. There is no doubt that it is one of the most magnificent views in Ireland.

Slieve League is almost three times the height of its Clare cousins, the Cliffs of Moher and whilst standing at the viewing point on the Cliff an amazing sea vista and landscape opens up before your eyes. From this point you can see across Donegal Bay to neighboring counties Leitrim, Sligo and Mayo and when looking out to the west the view is of the vast Atlantic ocean as far as the eye can see.

Aswell as these magnificent views, Slieve League and its surrounding areas are enriched with years of local history and heritage. From Slieve League, you can see Benbulbin which has megalithic tombs and mythical links as far back as Finn McCool. Below Knoch na Rí at Carrowmore is where you can find one of the oldest and largest of the Neolithic cemeteries in Europe which dates back as far as 3200 BC.

At the top of Slieve League is where you can find one of the early Christian monastic sites where the remains of Ade McBric’s chapel can still be seen. Alongside the chapel there are also remains of the monks stone dwellings or ‘beehive huts’ as they are known.

Slieve League is known as a sacred mountain which held Christian Pilgrimages for over a thousand years. It is important to remember this fact whilst visiting Slieve League as to not disturb these monuments of Irish cultural heritage.

Many can spend hours if not whole days viewing these incredible sites.

The famous Tí Linn Cafe provides visitors with a nice respite spot, and is a meeting place for many tours.

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