Relax in Tuscan hot springs

To soak in the nature that the Tuscany region of Italy has to offer one need not look further than the unique Bagno Vignoni natural hot springs. 

Under the open Tuscan sun or winter snowfall the calcium rich, turquoise thermal spring water pools bring Italians and foreigners to the picturesque small Italian village of Bagno Vignoni all year round. While the town itself can be seen in just a short stroll, one can spend hours delighting in the pristine pools and enjoying the fine wine of Tuscany. 

Bagno Vignoni looks over the historic town of Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing visitors with fine views of the surrounding areas. The main square has a thermal pool as its centre which is 49 metres long and 29 metres wide. Surrounding the square are several side streets in which visitors can stroll through to fine authentic Italian eats for their day out. The town itself is made up of historic mediaeval and renaissance era buildings which surround the square. Visitors can take a stroll through the rustic streets and past an old mill to find more pools in which they can spend all day and night soaking in free of charge while taking in the beauty of Italy. 

We suggest packing a bag for a day trip with fine Italian foods for your charcuterie board and a select wine from the region will make for a magnificent day living like the Romans did in the breathtaking Tuscan countryside!

Read what others share about their experience

  • P H
    P H
    5 months ago
    Great place to visit. Old thermal bath from Etruscan times. Nice walk to see the water flow down the...
  • Darek Nowak
    a year ago
    Bagno Vignoni is very unique: nowhere else in Italy will you find its main central square has a pool...
  • Jordi Rodríguez
    6 months ago
    Small but enjoyable.
  • Douglas Zinn
    9 months ago
    A must visit spa, charming. Thermal baths, private & relaxing. Top dining
  • Maurizio Bellaria
    a year ago

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