Czech Republic

Nelahozeves Castle

Nelahozeves Castle is a stunning example of the European Romantic style. Located in the Czech Republic in central Bohemia, this 16th century castle was built by Lobkowicz family and stands as a symbol of their strong heritage. Featuring gothic windows, spires, and towers, Nelahozeves Castle tells an incredible story of a past filled with grandeur and beauty.

It was designed to defend against threats from neighbouring regions, with its construction using stones from nearby quarries and timber materials. The castle’s design followed typical Renaissance ideals, featuring four corner towers; an inner courtyard with a well; access to the river through a gatehouse and drawbridge; and fortified walls that included numerous windows for archers or shooters.

The atmosphere inside is just as captivating as it’s exterior design. Visitors can explore the grand interiors and admire the ornate decorations that greet them at every corner. The elegant ballroom stands out for its intricately carved walls and crystal chandeliers that sparkle from above – all adding to its timeless charm.

Nelahozeves Castle is located on the bank of the Vltava River and is considered to be one of the most significant Renaissance castles in Bohemia.

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  • Paul Green
    a year ago
    An amazing guided tour around a castle/chateau with a lot of history not far from Prague. Hopefully...
  • Janka Grinco
    9 months ago
    This is nice castle, definitelly worth visiting. I would recomend to visit together with other...
  • Roman Kovbasjuk
    5 years ago
    Nicely looking castle, located in a small village north of Prague. It takes about 40 minutes to get...
  • Magnus Ohman
    5 years ago
    Interesting castle, with various guided tours. We went on a family tour, interesting with costumes,...
  • Hitch Hicks
    2 years ago
    Very nice tour, great guide Karel !! Definitely recommend if you are near by

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