Monumental Cemetery Milan

Monumental Cemetery Milan, located just outside of the city center, is one of the most well-known cemeteries in Italy. Established in 1866, this cemetery has become a symbol of Italian culture and provides a great opportunity to explore some of its stunning architecture. Inside the grounds you will find an abundance of monumental tombs, statues and sculptures made from both marble and bronze – all standing as testament to the lives that once lived here.

It was opened in 1866 and is now home to more than 300,000 tombs, many of which are considered works of art. One such example is the Campari Tomb, a monumental structure designed by sculptor Giovanni Manzù representing “The last supper” from Leonardo da Vinci.

The cemetery itself is divided into three main sections: Section A, which is home to more recent burials; Section B where those who have passed away since 1912 are buried; and Section C which houses veterans’ graves.


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  • Ar. Lakshmi raj
    3 weeks ago
    Typically, cemeteries are not a destination for many people but Milan's Monumental Cemetery is an...
    3 weeks ago
    This cemetery is truly monumental. The scale of the mausoleums are big. And there are so many on...
  • Beata K
    2 months ago
    Do you like visiting cemeteries? Normally, cemeteries aren't on my list of places to visit, yet...
  • Mojmír Račák
    2 weeks ago
    Vast, still used historical cemetery in the middle of Milan. Few known names are buried there and...
  • Alison Jean
    3 months ago
    I stumbled upon this cemetery on my way to go shopping and I'm so glad I stopped. It's the most...

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