Magic Lough Hyne

Lough Hyne is an enchanting and awe-inspiring location in County Cork, Ireland. It has a long history of being a site for spiritual exploration and has been recognized as one of the first marine nature reserves in Europe. A visit to this area is sure to leave you feeling inspired, connected with nature, and filled with an appreciation for its beauty.

The lough itself is surrounded by lush greenery, including ancient oak trees that have grown there since the Bronze Age. Its waters are teeming with life; divers have reported sightings of many species of fish, jellyfish, crabs and other sea creatures. The stunning scenery combined with the abundant wildlife make it a popular destination for kayaking or hiking around its shores.

Lough Hyne was declared a National Nature Reserve in 1981 and designated a Special Area of Conservation by the EU due to its remarkable ecology and biodiversity. The lake with an area of approximately 33.5 hectares was formed 800,000 years ago when melting glaciers from the Ice Age flooded a large area of land.

Lough Hyne has been treasured by local communities since ancient times as an important source of food, shelter and recreation. For centuries the lake has been used for fishing, boating and swimming activities – even today it remains a popular destination for tourists seeking out its unique atmosphere. On the southern shore lies the ruined village of Baltimore which offers an insight into the area’s vibrant past. With its variety of landscapes including sandstone cliffs, tidal rapids and salt marsh habitats there is something for everyone at Lough Hyne!

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  • Conor O'Neill
    a month ago
    Great workout going up and down the hill. Fabulous views up top. Parking can be a challenge during...
  • Hetty IRL
    a year ago
    Stunning place . Magnificent walks and great views . There is a beautiful walk along the lough and...
  • Jack Smiles
    2 months ago
    Amazing place for a walk or swim on a day off from installing marquees for Stretch Tents Ireland
  • Fantastic place for swim or a hike in surrounding woods.
  • Trex
    3 years ago
    Lovely place to visit. Nice walks. Beautiful scenery. Lake, sea, wood, farmland, views are all...

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