Lough Derg Island

Lough Derg is a historic pilgrimage destination in County Donegal, Ireland. It has long been a spot of spiritual significance for those wishing to embark on an ancient Irish pilgrimage. The main feature of Lough Derg is St Patrick’s Purgatory, an early Christian site and the end point of the Pilgrimage of Lough Derg.

The area has been a place for pilgrims since medieval times, with visitors coming from all around Europe and beyond to take part in this special journey. The tradition was revived in the 1970s and continues today, with thousands making the three-day pilgrimage each year to visit St Patrick’s Purgatory and other sacred sites associated with the lake. Participants often wear white garments as they make their way around Lough Derg, which symbolizes humility and purity before God.

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  • Shybin Mathew
    6 months ago
    Peace full place mentally refreshed loved it❤️
  • Certainly. ..help me to be come closer to God through St Patrick and St Bridget there very much...
  • S Mc
    a month ago
    Lough Derg island is for digital detox and meditation & wellness retreat as well as a pilgrimage,...
  • John Baska
    a year ago
    Peaceful spiritual and beauty
  • Conor Gallagher
    5 years ago
    Such an amazing and spiritual place! The pilgrimage can be very tough but it's definitely worth it...

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