Jasna Lake

Located in the majestic Julian Alps of Slovenia, Jasna Lake is a beautiful natural gem. Its crystal-clear water and stunning mountain views make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. This breathtaking alpine lake is situated in Triglav National Park and surrounded by the soaring peaks of Mount Pršivec and Mount Mojstrovka. From fishing to swimming and kayaking to sailing, there’s something for everyone at this idyllic lake.

The lake has been drawing visitors since 1908 when the first rowing competition was held here. Since then, it’s become an incredibly popular spot for outdoor activities like hiking and boating. The area around Jasna Lake is also home to a wide variety of wildlife, including rare birds and fish species that can only be found here. Visitors can even take guided tours through some of these protected areas for a unique experience.

With its breathtaking scenery, Jasna Lake truly offers something special for everyone who visits the region.

Read what others share about their experience

  • Jan Mts
    a week ago
    Great lake but very crowded. I would recommend to start your tour at the waterfall in the east and...
  • Ljubica Banic
    3 months ago
    Beautiful place to relax and appreciate the clear Cristal water, ideal for single people or...
  • Very beautiful, even on a rainy day. The walk around the lake is very short, and we didn't explore...
  • Simon Požek
    8 months ago
    Beautiful lake both for swimming, although the water is quite cold for me (but as I saw, it didn't...
  • Lokesh Dupati
    7 months ago
    A small lake compared to Bled and Bohinj. However, you are enjoy the small lake as you can cover the...

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