Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore

Isola Bella, located on the shores of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, is a true gem of the region. The island’s name translates as “Beautiful Island,” and it certainly lives up to its moniker. The stunning palazzo that dominates the island was built in the 17th century by Carlo III Borromeo for his wife, Isabella.

The interior of Palace Isola Bella features stunning works of art, including frescoes and sculptures. Visitors can admire the luxurious furnishings and decorations that have been carefully preserved over time. The palace also houses a collection of antique objects that were brought from all over Europe by the Borromeo family.

Upon stepping onto Isola Bella, visitors are transported to a world of opulence and beauty. The palace’s grand rooms are filled with priceless art and ornate furnishings that are sure to impress even the most discerning traveler. But it’s the gardens that really steal the show – they’re an incredible feat of engineering that took over 40 years to complete. Spread across ten terraces, these gardens are adorned with beautiful flowers, fountains, statues, and intricate designs.

Today, visitors can explore this magnificent palace and its stunning gardens.

Lago Maggiore is one of the largest lakes in Europe. Known for its clear waters and stunning views of the surrounding mountains, it has become a popular tourist destination. The lake stretches over 40 miles and borders both Switzerland and Italy.

Visitors can take a boat tour to explore the many islands scattered throughout the lake. Isola Bella is one island that tourists should not miss. Other attractions around Lago Maggiore include hiking trails for those who love nature, local markets where you can find fresh produce and handmade crafts, and small villages that offer authentic Italian cuisine.

With so much to see and do on this picturesque lake, it’s no surprise that Lago Maggiore attracts millions of visitors each year.

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  • Javier GM
    7 months ago
    Top place to visit in Lake Maggiore. Its 20euro per person but accessing the palace and gardens are...
  • Yiran
    a year ago
    Incredible house and garden, very hard to ever surpass given its water views, history and size. I...
  • Paul Atreides
    7 months ago
    If you like stately homes you will not be disappointed. However never knew such a thing as a white...
  • jessica zhang
    a month ago
    great museum,amazing garden ,very impressive
  • georgievbor
    a month ago
    Fantastic place, it's a must to go...

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