Heeswijk Castle

Heeswijk Castle is a medieval castle located in the Netherlands. Dating back to 13th century, it has been an important landmark for centuries, and has seen many renovations throughout its history. This imposing structure can be found on the outskirts of Heeswijk, a small town in the North Brabant province of the Netherlands.

The castle stands proudly overlooking its surroundings as one of few remaining examples of medieval architecture in this part of Europe. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and consists of several buildings that were built over period of time from 13th to 19th century, including a 25-meter tall keep tower and two gatehouses connected with drawbridges. The exterior walls are made out white sandstone blocks while the interior designer is filled with richly ornamented rooms decorated with tapestries and furniture from various eras.

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  • Intan Distler
    2 months ago
    Very beautiful castle outside of Den Bosch. Accessible with the Museumskaart and brings light to the...
  • Niroshan Pathberiya
    8 months ago
    The castle is located amidst fields and wilderness. Ideal for a bicycle ride or a walk. You have to...
  • Elise Waikart
    6 months ago
    Castle was beautiful! Fun to walk around inside. There was a lot of full rooms with antique...
  • Tom (Bozz)
    2 weeks ago
    A lovely castle, with a nice cafe and parking available within a ten minute walk
  • Himanshu Tripathi
    11 months ago
    A Beautiful & Small Castle nestled in a lovely serene environment. A bus stop right outside helps...

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