Fortezza Castle Rethymnon

Fortezza Castle is a magnificent ancient fortress situated in Rethymnon, Greece. It was built during the Venetian occupation of the island of Crete and remains one of the most significant historical landmarks in Greece. The castle is an epitome of strength and power, which served as a military center for centuries.

The castle has undergone several renovations throughout history but its imposing walls have remained intact. Visitors to Fortezza Castle can experience the rich cultural heritage of Greece as they wander through its winding paths that lead to panoramic views of the city and sea below. Its architecture reflects both Venetian and Ottoman influences, giving visitors a unique glimpse into both cultures that have influenced Greek history.

Today, Fortezza Castle is open to visitors who can explore its well-preserved buildings and structures such as barracks, churches, storerooms, and prisons as well as the Mosque of Sultan Ibrahim within the Fortezza Castle in Rethymnon.

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  • Julie Pound
    in the last week
    Quite a climb up to the main entrance, but there is quite a wide path, so you won't be slowing...
  • Maria Piechnik
    a month ago
    The fortress, towering over the city, offers a fascinating glimpse into history, though it's...
  • Brice Grégoire
    a week ago
    a real very pretty fortress with a map in your language, you will have some summaries of stories...
  • Jérôme N
    a week ago
    I was very lucky to rent a private boat so that I was able to enjoy it in peace. After a huge cruise...
  • Maria
    a month ago
    I highly recommend to visit. Beautiful views for Rethymon. It costs €5 for an adult ticket, and...

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