Eidsborg stave church

Norway is home to so many amazing traditions, artifacts and structures left by the Vikings. While you’re in the land of the midnight sun, be sure to check out one of the incredible stave churches.

Dating back to the middle ages, these unique structures, made entirely from wood, were built by the Vikings to celebrate the birth of Christianity in Norway. A notable stave church is The Eidsborg Stave Church.

The Eidsborg Stave Church is believed to have been built between 1250 and 1270 and is one of the best preserved examples of 28 protected stave churches in Norway. Historically, this is quite a contrast to the Middle Ages when there were more than 1000 stave churches in the country. Yet, it is a site to be beholden for any visitor or local alike that is unique to Norway. The stave church is seen as Norway’s contribution to world architecture.

The Eidsborg Stave Church was restored in 2005-2008 and is still in use. This church in comparison to many others has a level of intrigue with its exterior entirely covered with chipped slate. Churches such as this have a particular charm, including carvings, runes cut into the wall, and old interior design. The inside of the house has intricately carved woodwork dating from the 1600s and a bell-tower from 1727. In summers (June, July, August) there are daily tours to the church.

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  • Light bringer
    10 months ago
    One of the oldest stave church in Norway. There is a museum nearby. Guided tour with museum tickets,...
  • Irene Mpm
    a year ago
    Very nice church, I never seen black color church and look stunning like this. We went there for a...
  • Johannes
    a year ago
    The church is very pretty and has a centuries long history! You can do a tour of the inside of the...
  • Nita Sved
    10 months ago
    Beautiful small stavkirke, the only way to visit it is with a tour ticket from the museum.
  • Margret Andersen
    3 years ago
    We very much enjoyed listening to the knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide telling about the history...

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