Cathedral in St Davids

Cathedral in St Davids in Pembrokeshire

Saint Davids is home to just over 1,600 people, making it the smallest city within Wales and Great Britain. While tiny in size, the city is bursting with fascinating history that any visitor could easily enjoy experiencing for a day out!

The town truly centres around its historic Cathedral that dates back to the 6th century and has been a site for pilgrims for several hundred years. Due to this fact, spirituality is still prevalent in the community, and religion is highly regarded by its occupants and many of the visitors that come to see Saint David’s. Legends stated that it was once thought that three pilgrimages to Saint David’s were equal to one in the holy land. However, the cathedral is not the only thing that draws people to the city. There is a special charm in the narrow laneways and alleys that go through the town. Many explore the town by following the paths that lead from the cathedral to the Bishop’s Palace.

St Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, Wales holds the tomb of Edmund Tuder the father of the first Tuder King of England and Wales.


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  • Patricia Leeson
    3 weeks ago
    A gem of a little cathedral with beautiful woodwork and stunning ceilings. Lovely and very...
  • Douglas Aberdeen
    3 weeks ago
    Well worth a detour if you're within an hours drive, especially in combination with the neighboring...
  • Will Hardin
    a month ago
    A simply stunning Cathedral set in wonderful surroundings, it’s well worth a visit at any time of...
  • Matt Glyndwr
    2 weeks ago
    Pictures speaker louder then words is evidently correct with this stunning cathedral. Even more...
  • Ahmet İhsan Kaya
    a month ago
    Probably the best combination of nature, history and architecture in Wales. Give some time to enjoy...

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