Castle Lietava

The ruins of Castle Lietava, located in the village of Martin, Slovakia, are a mysterious reminder of days gone by. Built in the 13th century by the Lords of Liptov, it is believed to be one of the oldest castles in Central Europe.  The castle was later modified over hundreds of years and became a symbol for Slovakian pride and strength during its heyday as a powerful fortress.

Today, visitors to this enchanting ruin can witness its many grandiose features such as two large courtyards with turrets, several towers and gateways leading to different sections of the castle complex. Amidst all this beauty lies intriguing stories – tales of betrayal and loyalty that once surrounded the walls of Castle Lietava. These stories are still alive today in the hearts of those who visit this awe-inspiring ruin that has stood since medieval times.


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  • Bobbi M
    7 months ago
    This was well worth the hike! Go here during sunset. The trail starts in Lietava and takes about 1...
  • be prepared to climb into the castle for 40 minutes. The entrance to the castle itself is free,...
  • Michal Kanovszký
    a year ago
    Nice ruins under reconstruction. Hike up is family friendly and there is a small pub during rush...
  • Samuel Fabrizio
    a year ago
    I visit this castle quite often and every time that I go I can see improvements. The repairs work...
  • KakSeZove
    a year ago
    An incredible location with a wonderful view, and the stunning walls easily evoke the spirit and...

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