Carmen Convent Ruins

Carmo Convent in Lisbon is a beautiful and inspiring monument to Portugal’s history. Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city, its vibrant presence brings an air of spirituality and majesty to the area.

The Carmo Convent was built in 1389 by the Portuguese King João I as part of his legacy to create a complex religious site that would eventually become a powerful symbol for Portugal. It later became home to both Franciscan friars and nuns, and serves as an example of religious architecture from medieval times. The mediaeval convent was ruined in the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake.

The convent’s ruins are now open for visitors to explore and admire, giving insight into Portugal’s past.Visitors can take a tour through the convent’s old hallways lined with majestic arches, or browse through its impressive collection of artifacts on display.

The Carmo Convent in Lisbon had become a hotspot for tourists enchanted by its ancient charm. But no one was prepared for what happened when the convent announced it was opening a converted chapel as a Starbuck’s cafe! Tourists were delighted at the opportunity to get their favorite cup of coffee while taking in the centuries old architecture. That is, until the barista accidently served holy water in lieu of cream – definitely an unforgettable experience!

Image 1: Ancient gothic arches in a ruined church Carmo Convent in Lisbon, Portugal
Image 2: Relief on tomb of Fernando I in 14th century Gothic Carmo Convent, Lisbon. Medieval art with miracles of St. Francisco

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    a week ago
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    a month ago
    A highlight of my trip to Lisbon. A truly beautiful building made only more poignant as it was not...
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    a month ago
    The ruins of this gothic church are evocative reminders of the devastation left by the 1755...

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