Basilica of Sant' Ambrogio

The Basilica di Sant’ Ambrogio was consecrated in 387 by St. Ambrose. At a later date it became named after this same saint. In the eleventh century, it was reconstructed in a Lombard Romanesque style and is said to be one of the finest examples of this style of architecture around today. It was the first church to adopt this style and became the model for other churches built in this style for years to come.

The Basilica’s exterior is unique. It has two red brick bell towers, and an awe inspiring atrium, which nears the size of the entire church. It contains a few archaeological remains. The Basilica’s interior houses the Stilicho’s Sepulchre, a magnificent fourth-century sarcophagus with decorated high reliefs.

The Basilica’s crypt contains the remains of three saints: Saint Ambrose, Saint Gervasus and Saint Protasus. They are all dressed head to toe in elegant attire.

At the end of the southern nave is the oratory of San Vittorio, a chapel built before the first basilica. When the site was still a cemetery, a small structure was built in honor of the local martyr Saint Vittorio. During the construction of the Basilica, the structure was added to the temple.

Although the church was severely damaged during World War II, the Basilica’s is still beautifully preserved. It is thoroughly thought of to be one of the most interesting churches to visit in Milan.

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  • Razvan S
    2 weeks ago
    A remarkable example of Romanesque architecture. The mosaics inside the basilica are interesting,...
  • Murat Yıkılmaz
    2 months ago
    The exterior of the basilica offers a magnificent view, especially with its towers, when viewed from...
  • Abdillah Akmal
    in the last week
    quaint basilica with a rustic charm that's rather out-of-the-way. rather simple and peaceful, but...
  • Anika O
    a month ago
    So much knowledge and answers in this one space. Such a well maintained building! I am happy I chose...
  • Vishesh Saxena
    5 months ago
    Beautiful basilica and has a long history too. You can appreciate the beauty of it for free as there...

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