Take Bergen´s cablecar

The Ulriken cablecar is a popular tourist attraction in Bergen, Norway. Located near the seven mountains that surround the city, tourists can take advantage of this mode of transport to get an amazing bird’s eye view of the beautiful fjords and lush countryside. The cablecar takes visitors up to Mt. Ulriken, which stands at 643 meters above sea level – giving them a truly spectacular panoramic experience from one of highest points in the area.

The ride itself is enjoyable and provides riders with plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and taking pictures. It travels parallel to two other Bergen attractions: Floibanen Funicular and Mount Floyen. Unlike many other cablecars around the world, this one has no intermediate stops along its route – making it unique among its peers for its smooth journey up to the peak of Mt Ulriken.

Read what others share about their experience

  • Mira Peltomaeki
    in the last week
    Wonderful views from the mountain to Bergen and the mountain top with it's little lakes was...
  • Gemma Smith
    a month ago
    The round trip is a little expensive (two adults), but we went for a hike, so it was worth it. The...
  • Sara M
    5 months ago
    Winter Wonderland Bliss! Breathtaking! The snow-covered landscapes at this mountaintop haven in...
  • Corsin
    2 months ago
    Cool vehicular, which leads to a great hiking area just 20 min outside of Bergen City centre. I...
  • Michael Reed
    2 months ago
    We walked up to ulriken from bergen Town centre about a 40-minute walk, we purchased the tickets at...

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