Sailing in Mani

Taking sail from the capital city of Areopoli, pass through the glistening waters of the Mediterranean and experience the breathtaking sites of the Mani Peninsula! Long known by its mediaeval name Maina or Maïna, the geographical, cultural region in the south of Greece is home to the Maniots, who claim descent from the ancient Spartans. Today the region is known for its exquisite foods, nightlife, and nature.

A day on the sea here exploring hidden coves and private bays away from tourist crowds is sure to turn your holiday into a relaxing oasis. The Diros Caves are one of the greatest spectacles, transporting visitors into what feels like another world. Explore traditional Greek villages and quiet, secluded beaches when you experience the Mani Peninsula!

Where to stay?

We recommend to stay in one of our historic accommodation, each one with its own “Story to share”.

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